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The Way of Return: Responding to Economic and Environmental Injustice Through the Wisdom Teachings of Islam

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"Discourse in general and Muslim discourse specifically has lost the contemplative dimension. Here, Yusuf Jha contemplates God, the Qur'an, the economy, the financial: panning and focusing and connecting the dots, he takes us from the most mundane to the most sublime. The ability to speak to the truest, deepest reality of that which we can barely perceive (because it is as water to the fish) - money, currency, usury, interest - comes from contemplation, and it is a rare art today. We simply do not find a grasp of contemporary realities, histories of economy and finance, and Islamic banking practices informed by the spiritual. The experts in two camps, religion and economics, will find Yusuf Jha's descriptions and analyses insightful, masterful and authentic: if he has been gentle enough, he may even have persuaded them that their academic and epistemological divisions must be dissolved, through the art of contemplation. This book helps us see the terrible machinations of usurious money with therapeutic clarity."

- Eric (Shu'ayb) Winkel, leading Ibn Arabi scholar and translator of The Futuhat al-Makkiya  


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