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Policy Issue Papers (PIP) Collection No 3 - 15

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A collection of PIP No 3 - 15 will deliver you various subjects matter and of course, it will enrich your knowledge, especially in term policy that needs to be carried out.

  1. PIP 3: Penukaran Agama Kanak-Kanak: Isu dan Cadangan
  2. PIP 4: Fatwa and Ijtihad in Malaysia: Juristic and Historical Perspectives
  3. PIP 5: Shari'ah Parameters for the Halal Industry in Malaysia: Issues and Reform Proposals
  4. PIP 6: Shari'ah Non Compliance in Tawarruq Financing A Proposed Methodology
  5. PIP 7: Domestic Violence as a Ground for Dissolution of Marriage
  6. PIP 8: Challenges Facing the Shariah Judiciary in Malaysia
  7. PIP 9: Disruptive Trends in Education: Islamic and Contemporary Perspectives
  8. PIP 10: Challenges Facing the Halal Vaccines: Issues and Proposals
  9. PIP 11: Death Penalty in Shariah and Contemporary Law: A Comparative Analysis
  10. PIP 12: Malay Traditional Customs: Towards A Shariah Compliant Practice
  11. PIP 13: Advance Payment in AITAB Financing: Issues and Proposed Fiqhi Adaptation
  12. PIP 14: Islamic Ethical Guide in Developing Artificial Intelligence Framework
  13. PIP 15: Restrictions on Early Marriage as Measures to Secure Children Wellbeing